The London Look

Fashion from Street to Catwalk


Museum of London

‘London is renowned for being the innovative fashion capital of the world. It is the very unpredictable and original nature of the way people design and wear clothes in this city that defines the London Look, a combination of free spirit, heritage and adventure.'
Alexandra Shulman, Editor British Vogue

This exciting, interactive exhibition is the first exhibition in Britain to explore London's famous fashion sense. Through clothing, accessories, photographs, archive film and sound recordings The London Look tells the story of the city's engagement with fashion and of the people who set the trends and make the fashions.

The exhibition includes over 140 mannequins displaying men's and women's wear from 1803 to the present day. From the Regency dandy to the punk, and from catwalk creations by Lucile to Alexander McQueen, the exhibition reveals London's unique sense of style.

The catalogue on this website includes images and records for 77 exhibits.

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  • Museum of London, England
  • Fra 30. juni 2010