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In this Virtual Gallery you can explore over 200 highlights from the arms and armour collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum.

They are a selection of 12,000 objects that were location-coded, catalogued and photographed as part of the Museum's DCF 2006-8 'Cutting Edge' project. Hundreds of these were researched and reinterpreted to increase our understanding and appreciation of this significant collection.

Every object featured here is contained within a regional AND typological tour. Many are also included on a thematic tour. Seven cross-cultural themes were developed specifically for the project to show how very different weapons can be grouped together based on particular qualities. For example, you can explore those used in sacred or ceremonial life or those linked to important events and people in world history. To learn more about the significance of an object within a theme, you'll find a detailed explanation below the basic information.

If you would like to see any of the objects featured in these pages, they are all on display in the Museum's Upper Gallery.